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We sell bulk sunflower seeds in Choteau, MT

As a seed company, we put quality first. We know how much the quality of the seeds affects the quality of the crop, which is why our seeds are the best choice in Choteau, MT. Over the years, we've streamlined our production process to accommodate the needs of local farmers in the area. Some seeds we provide include bulk sunflower seeds, wheat seeds and more. With our expertise and quality equipment, Hodgskiss Seed can produce a variety of seeds for you to add to your yearly crop.

Choose seeds you can trust. Get in touch today with us to discuss what seeds you need.

Our selection can't be beaten

As professionals, we offer a large selection of seed types to cover your general needs. Some seeds you can purchase from us include:

  • Bulk sunflower seeds
  • Clearfield winter wheat seeds
  • Conventional winter wheat seeds
  • Spring wheat seeds
  • Durum wheat seeds
  • Pea seeds
  • Garbanzo bean seeds
  • Cover crop seeds
  • Grass and forage seeds
  • Barley seeds

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our production process or retail options.

Clearfield Winter Wheats

We offer a wide variety of Clearfield Winter Wheats. Including Brawl; SY 517; SY Clearstone; NEW! Incline AX ( Agressor herbicide). . Please call for more varieties, prices and questions.
Conventional Winter Wheats

Every farm is unique and so is every wheat variety. Let us help you select the right variety for your farm. Varieties include but are not limited to: Keldin, Monument, SY Sunrise; Jet, Warhorse, Yellowstone.

We have been growing peas for over 20 years, and are proud to offer you the best varieties on the market today that are desired by buyers. We deal with green peas, yellow peas and forage peas. Call for more information.
Garbanzo Beans / Chickpeas

Garbanzo beans continue to thrive in Montana environments. We are here to assist you from variety selection to harvest. Offering both Desi type and Kabuli type chickpeas. Call for more information.

Living in the middle of prime barley country we offer a selection of malt barley varieties including Metcalfe and Hockett. We also can fill your need for hay barley as well as feed barley.
Spring Wheat & Durum

Our spring wheat varieties include but are not limited to: SY 605; Sy Ingmar, SY Rockford, Sy Tyra, Sy Valda, SY McCloud, SY Longmire. Call for pricing and more information.
Cover Crop / Specialty Crops

Flax, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Corn, Millet, Sorghum, Canola, Mustard...etc. Let us help you with your specialty and cover crop needs
Grasses and Forages

Offering custom grass seed mixes for your needs. We offer Conventional and Roundup Ready Alfalfas for your forage needs.